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Bavarsis utilizes AI robots for arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market.

Project Background#

Bavarsis, a fantastic overseas platform, has its headquarters in Australia and has just entered the Asian market. It has established branches in Hong Kong and Singapore and arrived in China in mid-February. Currently, only a few dozen people have registered to experience it. Seizing the opportunity.

The majority of members are from Australia, Russia, Spain, Dubai, and Taiwan, China.

The company's main business includes:

  1. Cryptocurrency arbitrage
  2. Arbitrage with private companies in the United States
  3. Hedge fund investments.

After six years of research and development without conducting private business, they only started private business in October 2023 because they wanted to expand the global market. Finally, they want to create an exchange like Euroclear or Binance, and they have already achieved initial success.

Currently, we mainly participate in AI artificial intelligence arbitrage business. The headquarters uses self-developed AI to buy and sell the same currency between exchanges to obtain price difference profits, which are then shared with us. Ignoring the fluctuation of the currency price, not affected by emotions.

We only need to purchase a package without hurting the principal, and we can withdraw profits every day, which will be credited within a few minutes without any fees.

With six years of experience in financial arbitrage, Bavarsis has mastered low-risk, diversified, and profitable tools and models. It continues to evolve artificial intelligence and trading robots to maintain a leading advantage in arbitrage trading. It also continues to expand into diverse markets for profitable opportunities.

Bavarsis has an open market cooperation plan worldwide and has already established offices in Sydney, Berlin, London, New York, Singapore, Dubai, and Barcelona, with continuous growth. It offers five deposit cooperation plans suitable for everyone:

  1. 25U starting, 180-day deposit plan: daily interest rate of 0.5% to 1%, can be withdrawn starting from the 15th day.
  2. 500U starting, 180-day deposit plan: daily interest rate of 1% to 1.5%, can be withdrawn starting from the 120th day.
  3. 5000U starting, 365-day deposit plan: daily interest rate of 1.5% to 2%, can be withdrawn starting from the 180th day.
  4. 50000U starting, unlimited deposit plan: daily interest rate of 0.75% to 2%, can be withdrawn at any time.
  5. 250000U starting, unlimited deposit plan: daily interest rate of 1.3% to 3%, can be withdrawn at any time.

The best part is that income comes in every day, and the income generated every day can be withdrawn.

Trustworthy cooperation plans:

  • Bavarsis is registered in Australia and has obtained a legal business license as a securities and investment company.
  • It has obtained a performance guarantee of $260 million from the Reserve Bank of Australia.
  • The reserve funds exceed $94,250,000.
  • It has obtained cooperation commitments through legal and financial audits of 17 cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is an opportunity that everyone can participate in and can take small risks for big gains. You can benefit every day and withdraw profits every day. No burns, and it's free! 😄

Within 15 minutes of the growth of cryptocurrency, we successfully earned over $1,062,900 using only 3 out of 12 trading robots.

Link to a comprehensive explanation of image text operations (in Chinese):

Registration Address#

Please use English (there may be many issues with Chinese) to join the CN team, please use the referral code.

2023 Financial Report#

This document is the 2023 financial report of Bavarsis PTY LTD. The following is a summary of the main contents of the report:

  1. Company Overview:

    • Bavarsis PTY LTD is a cryptocurrency arbitrage company based in Sydney, established in January 2023.
    • The company focuses on arbitrage using price differences between different cryptocurrency exchanges, rather than traditional mining and trading models.
    • The company uses complex algorithms and internally developed robots (Lancelot) to execute trades quickly, providing stable returns for clients.
  2. Financial and Operational Review:

    • As of January 31, 2023, the company has 82 different variants of Lancelot, with an average trading speed of 9.72 seconds.
    • In 2023, the company created 67 new variants of Lancelot, with a total cost (including servers and development) of $4,819,100, resulting in a 58.2% increase in monthly revenue.
    • The company launched new variants of Lancelot every month in 2023, except for March, April, July, August, and September, as new variants required testing, calibration, and development.
  3. Financial Results:

    • For the full year of 2023, the company generated revenue of $53,714,553.16 from cryptocurrency arbitrage.
    • Total operating costs and expenses amounted to $7,467,843, including development and operating costs, depreciation and amortization expenses, and general administrative expenses.
    • Operating profit (loss) was $42,246,710.16.
    • Pre-tax income (loss) was $52,698,929.16.
    • Net income (loss) after taxes was $43,213,121.91.
  4. Sources of Income:

    • The company generates income by using internal AI robots to find price differences on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • The company also offers the opportunity for global users to participate in arbitrage pools and provides a fixed percentage of income.
  5. Key Accounting Policies and Estimates:

    • The financial statements are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Australian ASIC, requiring the company to make estimates and assumptions.
    • The most significant estimates and assumptions include the valuation of cryptocurrencies and other current assets, the useful life of property and equipment, the recoverability of long-term assets, provisions for contingent liabilities, and the realization of deferred tax assets.
  6. Balance Sheet:

    • As of December 31, 2023, the company's total assets amounted to $356,829,697, including cash and cash equivalents, cryptocurrencies, risk management, equipment deposits, property and equipment, and patent equipment.
  7. Other Information:

    • The report also includes detailed information on revenue recognition (especially cryptocurrency arbitrage), the company's contractual relationships with multiple platform partners, and how the fair value of received cryptocurrencies is evaluated.

The report was signed by CEO Owen Mitchell on January 22, 2024.

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