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Seeking sincere cooperation with influential business partners to monetize AI.


Landing AI Monetization, Sincerely Seeking Business Cooperation with Influencers#

Business Background#

The AI era has arrived, and most people are aware of the potential of AI. However, we are confused about how to translate this potential into actual income. Currently, we are limited to selling courses, materials, or operation manuals, which may be the fastest way to make money but not a sustainable cooperation method. Should we doubt whether providing a bunch of materials can bring about significant changes? Can learning without practice really bring about substantial changes?

There is reason to believe that combining knowledge frameworks with practical projects can achieve better results. Help others succeed. Challenge tradition together, explore new monetization paths through AI innovation, achieve business closed-loop, and return to the essence of business.

We uphold the values of sincerity, freedom, growth, and altruism.
If you have a public account, video account, blog, or website with a large following, but are struggling to monetize effectively or are dissatisfied with existing monetization methods, if you identify with our values, please contact us and embark on a journey of cooperation together! We are not only looking for business partners, but also hope to find like-minded partners who can grow together on the path of AI monetization!

Resources we can provide:#

  1. Top 3 organic product vertical industries, only the first/only one;
  2. Provide professional high-definition materials for traceability, including copywriting, images, videos, etc.;
  3. Marketing private domain e-commerce system, product links, etc.;
  4. Transparent and direct supply chain with open and transparent pricing and profits;
  5. Sincerity, freedom, growth, altruism, and a focus on serving products.

Bloggers, influencers, and owners of video accounts and public accounts are welcome to discuss and collaborate on resources! WeChat: yfanggoods

We welcome in-depth discussions on topics that interest you, and feel free to leave a comment below! Let us know your resource advantages! If you are interested in cooperation, please leave your contact information (suggested to send privately): [phone/WeChat/email]

What is Yflife?#

  1. Yflife is China's first affordable organic shopping platform!
    Launched on January 1, 2022, based on our positioning of affordable organic products, after more than two years of development, we are currently the largest organic food platform in China!
  2. Our mission is to bring affordable organic food to ordinary households!
  3. Our vision is to have 100 million families eating organic food by 2032!
  4. Our values are sincerity, freedom, growth, and altruism! Many companies have vague values, but Yflife's values are practical!
    The birth of our values actually predates Yflife and happened during the initial stage of the pandemic!
    Yflife's predecessor was Yflife Travel Group, a non-profit e-commerce organization that persisted for 10 years in China! The main activity was traveling and playing around with a group of top e-commerce merchants. Sightseeing during the day and attending classes at night!
    During the entire pandemic, all the members of our travel group donated millions of dollars in supplies, and we donated almost all the supplies for the Guangzhou medical team supporting Hubei!
    So we started to think, why has our organization lasted for ten years and become more cohesive? We should be like-minded people, right?
    So we summarized the values of our organization, four words, eight characters, in a specific order: sincerity, freedom, growth, altruism!
  5. We are the strictest platform for private domain selection in China, without exception!
  6. Our food selection criteria are:
  1. All products are free of preservatives.
  2. All products are free of any chemical additives, technology, and harsh processing.
  3. All food undergoes 300 pesticide residue tests by SGS, and they must all pass before being listed.
  4. All meat, dairy, and egg products undergo antibiotic, hormone, and feed testing by SGS.
  5. All seafood undergoes nuclear radiation testing.
    These are the basic selection standards of Yflife.
  1. Yflife is the pioneer of full traceability sales model on the entire internet. The founder personally leads the team and spends 300 days a year on traceability!
  2. Yflife has comprehensive private domain content capabilities. We can confidently say we are second to none!
    Our monthly magazine is a reflection of our content capabilities! We are the only company in the private domain with an editorial department, and we publish one issue every month with 100,000 original texts and hundreds of photos!
  3. We are committed to solving the problem of healthy and safe eating for children and bringing health back to every dining table!
  4. Yflife's traceability is not just about traceability, it is also an immersive business school for store owners!
  5. Come to Yflife, I can't promise how much money you can make, but I can guarantee your growth!
  6. It's better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books! It's better to meet countless people than to travel thousands of miles! It's better to have a guiding teacher than to meet countless people!
    Come to Yflife, you can travel thousands of miles, meet countless people, and have guiding teachers!
  7. Yflife has been involved in tourism since 2012. Over the past decade, we have visited over 50 countries worldwide and all provinces in China except Taiwan!
  8. Many platforms claim to sell a lifestyle, but what kind of lifestyle do you have? Even a simple lifestyle is a lifestyle!
    The lifestyle advocated by Yflife is described in a poem by Hai Zi: "Starting tomorrow, be a happy person! Care about food and vegetables, feed horses, chop wood, and travel the world!"
  9. We are professional in playing, and private domain is just a byproduct for us!
  10. Currently, our top mentors and team consist of 3 people with a total of 30,000 followers. We are expected to achieve a performance of 300 million this year!
  11. Yflife's three principles: transparency, openness, and small profits!
  12. Our eternal pursuit is to allow users to spend less money on Yflife and buy better products!
  13. If I were to criticize Yflife, I could point out at least 1,000 problems! But it doesn't change the fact that Yflife is the best choice for buying green, healthy, and organic food, and for doing private domain well! We are not perfect, but we are working hard!
  14. What kind of fruit tastes the best? Naturally ripened fruit on the tree tastes the best!
  15. Yflife's fruit is currently the highest quality in China, surpassing X Orchard and X Membership!
    Not because we are stronger than them, but because we have reconstructed the purchasing process: traditional offline channels involve a long shelf life from the production area to wholesale markets, city warehouses, stores, and finally sales. On the other hand, Yflife delivers directly from the farm to the customers! With a shorter shelf life, even if it's the same farm, they can't match our taste because we can pick fruits that are 90-95% ripe, while they can only pick fruits that are 70-80% ripe!
  16. Yflife's four major investments: traceability, testing, live streaming in China, and platform systems!
    Among them, traceability and subsidies have an annual investment of over 20 million, and the platform system is estimated to have an investment of over 50 million this year!
  17. We do organic with a philanthropic heart! We are promoters of the organic lifestyle!
  18. All platforms in the market select products to sell to users, but Yflife selects products for our own children!
  19. When I announced Yflife's selection criteria, a friend who works in agriculture privately messaged me and criticized, saying that we couldn't find products that meet the criteria!
    Why do we implement such strict selection criteria? Yflife's teacher once said, "Anyway, we don't plan to do big business. Even if Yflife becomes a platform where we only buy things for our own children to eat, so what!"
  20. Does Yflife need to educate users? No, all parents in the world want their children to eat healthier! I don't need to tell a mother that she shouldn't feed her children poisonous food, right? They just lacked a channel like Yflife in the past!
  21. There is no option to not do Yflife, only to do it early or late! Join now during the period of development dividends, and you might make a lot of money. If you join a few years later, you might only be able to buy things for yourself!
  22. Private domain is the future of e-commerce for the next ten years!
  23. Last year, I often said, do difficult but right things! This year, I changed it to do the right things! Because I found that doing the right things in Yflife is not difficult!
  24. Factory thinking is product thinking, e-commerce thinking is traffic thinking, and private domain thinking is user thinking! The core of e-commerce is traffic, while the core of private domain is creating value for users based on their needs!
  25. The kind of private you have determines the kind of domain you have!
  26. Only a private domain that establishes an emotional connection is a true private domain!
  27. The ultimate goal of business is in the private domain, and the ultimate goal of the private domain is in Yflife!
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